Why you should order a design project from us

100% satisfaction guarantee
100% satisfaction guarantee
project implementation
An experienced team of designers knows how to make a project that can be implemented in any production
any furniture
Kitchens, walk-in closets, hallways, wall panels, coffered ceilings, doors, etc.
More than 17 years
More than 17 years
We are leaders in the design, design and production of furniture and interiors
design in any style
Classic, modern, art Deco, loft, Provence, etc.
All in one place
All in one place
and under one contract
Design, Engineering, production of furniture and interior items
Own staff
Own staff
of designers and engineers
(not freelance) who will only deal with your project

What is included in the design project

Замер, выезд на объект
Разработка концепции изделий до мелочей
Создание 3d модели изделий
Визуализация изделия в интерьере
Рабочие чертежи
Спецификации с указанием материалов, фурнитуры, их количества

Cost of design and engineering

Measurement, departure to the object
5000 ₽
Product concept development
from 10000 ₽
3D models of products
from 20000 ₽
Working drawing
from 25000 ₽
from 15000 ₽
Free of charge, when entering into a contract for the manufacture of furniture from us
Pay separately
Product visualization in the interior
from 30000 ₽

Design projects implemented by us

We will create your unique furniture design

Let's call and discuss the details

Our design and engineering Department

How we implement your design project

1. Заявка на сайте или звонок нам Мы свяжемся с Вами и обсудим все детали.
2. Выезд на замер дизайнера-конструктора с образцами материалов и каталогом.
3. Разработка концепции мебели интерьера Консультируем. Даем рекомендации по материалам.
4. Составление технического задания на проектирование, заключение Договора
5. Создание 3D моделей изделий по утвержденной концепции
6. Визуализация изделий в интерьере
7. Разработка рабочих чертежей
8. Составление спецификаций с указанием материалов, фурнитуры, их количества