Why you should order a ladder from us

Any type of finish
  • Understanding the customer's task
  • Creative approach to project implementation
Only high quality and eco-friendly materials
  • Quality control at every stage of production
  • Competent design solutions based on experience
Own the production of 1500 m2 in Moscow
  • We are a direct manufacturer
  • You get products without intermediaries on time
Qualitative and neat installation
Own professional team
installers with professional tools
Modern equipment and technologies
  • We use materials from the world's best manufacturers
We do it on a turnkey basis
We do it on a turnkey basis from project design to installation
  • Successful work since 2002
  • Extensive experience in carpentry

What stairs do we manufacture

Direct marching
Stairs with a turn of 270 gr.
Spiral staircase
Stairs with winder steps
Open string stairs
Stairs with a platform
Stairs with a 90 gr turn.
Spiral stairs
Stairs with a 180 gr turn.
We produce finishing of concrete and metal frames

Own transport allows accurate and timely delivery of products


Choose the color of enamel, patina or tinting to the existing elements of the interior


Free we will prepare samples of the facade, cornice, lining, etc.


we will Produce all interior elements from furniture to the ceiling

What kind of stair railings do we manufacture

Wrought-iron / Metal fence
Fences with stained glass
Glass railings
Combined structures
Bent handrails
With carved elements

Production technology

Drying and decontamination of wood in the drying chamber
Drying and decontamination of wood in the drying chamber

To relieve internal tension. Thanks to this, the stairs will never creak

High-quality sanding and painting
High-quality sanding and painting

allows you to get a smooth and even surface

Precise fitting of all parts
Precise fitting of all parts

It takes place on modern imported equipment and provides geometric accuracy when assembling all elements of the staircase structure and prevents creaking stairs in the future

Painting in the shop in a closed paint chamber with a water curtain
Painting in the shop in a closed paint chamber with a water curtain

Ensures uniform application of layers of varnish, eliminates the ingress of any debris or dust on the surface

Gluing lamellas along the length
Gluing lamellas along the length

Allows you to get a presentable appearance

Quality control
Quality control

Product is assembled in the shop before painting

surface finishing technologies
Varnish treatment
Varnish treatment
The varnish firmly protects the surface from damage and moisture
Oil treatment
Oil treatment
The oil provides a more pronounced structure, protects against moisture and fungus, and also allows the wood to "breathe" better

Material for the production of

High-quality and environmentally friendly materials from the best European manufacturers

Oak Oak
Ash Ash
Larch Larch
Beech Beech

We make from any wood and veneer

Premium varnishes and paints
German and Italian accessories


Finishing options

Any level of difficulty

Brushing Aging
Oil finish
Patina Crackle Lacquer
Polishing under the gloss
Gold leaf (gold, silver)
RAL enamel

Examples of staircase design

Directory of stairs

How we work

1. Zayavka na sayte ili zvonok nam My svyaghemsya s Vami i obsudim vse detali.
2. Besplatno delaem raschet stoimosti Konsulytiruem. Daem rekomendacii po materialam.
3. Vyezd na zamer dizaynera-konstruktora S obrazcami materialov i katalogom.
4. Razrabotka dizayn proekta ot 1 dnya Raschet stoimosti i zaklyuchenie Dogovora.
5. Proizvodstvo mebeli po chertegham I eskizam ot 5 dney. Izgotovlenie obrazcov i pokraski.
6. Foto otchet Na kaghdom etape raboty.
7. Dostavka I sborka mebeli v odin deny.
8. Garantiya i servis Vyezd specialista po garantii na sleduyuschiy deny.